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The Company - Group Ethical Code

Our "Ethical Code"

The Corporate Ethics of the Air Italy Group points out a set of values, principles, references for conduct, and the most important rights and obligations for those who, in whatever position, work within the Companies of the Air Italy Group or with the Companies of the Air Italy Group.

The adoption of this Code expresses a company context in which the main objective is to meet the expectations of our customers and our contacts in the best way possible, through:

- Reinforcement of our best business values

- Continued promotion of high standards of professionalism in house

- Protection of our values and the diffusion of our principles

- The prohibition of behaviour that not only contrasts with any relevant laws and regulations, but also with the values and principles that the Air Italy Group intends to promote

- A shared Group identity that can be recognised in these values and principles

The aim is to guarantee that this group identity is recognisable, comprehensible, and unequivocal.
This Code is destined to be a continuously evolving instrument, also through the contribution of those for whom it is intended.

Air Italy Group Ethical Code
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