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Alghero ("l'Alguer" in catalan idiom and " s'Alighera " in sardinian idiom) is a town of over 43,000 inhabitants in the Sassari's province.
Located in the beautiful northwest coast of Sardinia, Alghero owes its birth to the Doria family of Genoa. The choice of location, not some random, has allowed to the city to defend itself against numerous and continuous attacks from the sea. Infact, thanks to high walls (still visibles) and the rocky seabed and shallow that hindered the passage of vessels of medium tonnage, the city was very difficult to hit and somehow invincible.
But it was under the Spanish crown that Alghero reached its maximum development as a fortified city. In this period the city met a real historic architectural enrichment and much more things. Catalan-Aragonese style is possibile to admire in the ancient city: in the old walls, in the churches, in the mansions. Even the dialect, reflecting the strong influence, is the Catalan idiom.
Alghero is now one of the Sardinian Island gateways, thanks to the airport which is situated close Fertilia. It is famous for its beaches (about 80 km of extension) made of fine sandy and clear sea, good food fish (typical spaghetti with sea urchins) and the great walks along avenues that border the sea and the narrow streets of the old downtown surrounded by shops and eateries of all kinds. And is in the craft shops of the center that you can admire and buy the famous jewelry made with precious coral, the most important material of the traditional handicraft and city's symbol.