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Nice is one of the most visited city of Southern France. Located on the mediterranean coast and traditionally Vacation City of the ancient french Arystocracy, today Nice, thanks to its mild climate, with temperate winters and hot summers, is an obligatory destination for those tourists that travel in the southern zone of France.
One of the most important city of Azur Coast (Côte d'Azur), Nice is the center of Business Conferences and International Convention, destination powered by lots International Tour Operator but also a gret location choosen by indipendent travellers from all Europe.
Nice is considered one of the most multicultural city of south France: Gastronomical dishes from different cultures can be eaten in the numerous restaurants and traditional road-markets; In february the Carnival is one of the most important festival of the whole Nation and the great azur sea and the splendid provenzal insidelanding mix an unique landscape for your travel.
Nice coounts a population of about 350.000 persons and an economy based on tourism and on agricolture especially for the production of refined wines.