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The passport is necessary, valid for at least six months at the time of entry into the country. For any changes to this rule, is reccommended to inquire in advance at the Embassy, Consulate of the country in Italy or travel agency.

Further information:


The currency of Brazil is the Real (R $). Euro and U.S.dollar are the currencies currently accepted by banks and Exchange Offices.


The official language is Portuguese

Vaccination and Health precautions

No vaccination is mandatory for Brazil, however a routine tetanus-diphtheria and hepatitis vaccination are recommended.


If you would like to travel with pets, at arrival in the country, you have to submit to the border authorities the following documents: "International Animal Health Certificate"(CZI), "Health Certificate for the export of cats and dogs accompanying travelers", "Certificate of rabies vaccination" if the animal is over three months old.
The certificates must be legalized in Italian Prefecture and after at Brazilian Consulate.


If you want to call Brazil dial 0055 followed by the Brazilian area code without the zero. To call Italy from Brazil, the prefix is 0039.

Electronic equipments

Electrical current can vary depending on the area between 110 and 240 V.
Jacks can be bipolar or laminated with 2 or 3 blades.