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Sharm El Sheikh


A passport is requested with a validity of at least 6 months after the date of arrival in the Country. Alternatively, exclusively for leisure travel, an identity card with standard passport photos and validity of at least 6 months may be accepted. The lack of valid documents will result in the refusal of the visa. It is advisable to bring 2 standard passport photos to be handed, after landing, to the Immigration Office. After filling in a form with your personal details, you may purchase the entrance visa. You will be then given a visit permit that is valid for a stay of maximum one month (tourist visa).
All those interested to stay in Egypt more than 30 days, please inquire at the diplomatic or consular authorities on Egyptian legislation, about the restrictions to return to Italy and necessary documentation.
Is possible to buy the Egyptian visa before leaving with some tour operators or travel agents.
Further information:


The unit of currency in Egypt is the Egyptian Lira, equal to € 0,13 approx., which is divided in to 100 "piastres". There are no particular restrictions regarding the import of foreign currency that can be easily exchanged throughout the Country.


The official language in Egypt is Arab; English is widely spoken and understood. Italian is also quite commonly spoken in Sharm El Sheikh.

Vaccination and Health precautions

It is strongly advised not to drink tap water. Fruit, vegetables and ice cubes are generally safe. It is possible that some travellers may be liable to suffer from stomach problems and chills due to the sudden rises and falls of the temperature. Dehydration is also a common problem so be sure to drink plenty of water!
Pharmacists of the major cities of the Red Sea area are well prepared and generally speak at least 3 languages and are usually accustomed to the most frequent problems that occur to travellers.


A veterinary certificate that must be valid at least 2 weeks from its issue must accompany cats and dogs. The animal will in any case be examined on arrival by a vet who might decide a quarantine of up to 2 weeks.


For calls from Egypt to Italy dial the international code 0039 followed by the city’s code number and the required phone number. The international dialling code for Egypt is 0020, followed by the required phone number.

Electronic equipments

Electricity in Egypt is 220 Volts.