@MyAirItalyClub Silver
The CLUB designed to save you time and to continue to collect Avios.
silver card

Free advance seat assignment on all Air Italy routes for standard seat.

No more queues at the check-in counters with the@MyAirItalyClub Silver you have access to the special check-in counters. In fact Air Italy offers, only to passengers holding the @MyAirItalyClub Gold and @MyAirItalyClub Silver, at all the major Italian airports, special check-in desks, where they can collect their boarding card thus avoiding queues and lengthy waiting times.

No more queues at security checks@MyAirItalyClub Silver holders are reserved rapid access to the security checks through the "Fast Track" gates to make a business trip or a holiday increasingly comfortable. The service, completely free for holders of the @MyAirItalyClub Silver and Gold is active at all major Italian airports.

Flight advance during the day With the @MyAirItalyClub Silver, if your business meeting finishes earlier, you don't have to waste time: take an earlier return flight.
Where the company offers several flights a day, return home sooner with the earlier flight simply by presenting at the relevant check-in desk the @MyAirItalyClub Silver at least an hour before departure.

Priority Boarding at gates The card includes priority of boarding the flight through tunnel or with loading bridge.

How to receive it

For those who are already registered with the @MyAirItalyClub , joining the @MyAirItalyClub Silver is easy. Simply take 25 flights operated directly by Air Italy or accumulate at least 20.000 Avios on Air Italy flights during one calendar year. Upgrade is automatic and is valid for one year from the following year. To maintain the status in the second year, in the course of the following year you must remain within the range of flights offering entitlement to the status within the expiry period of the card indicated on the card itself.
The card is valid for one calendar year.

If you wish to purchase the@MyAirItalyClub Silver: If you wish to purchase the 0039 0789 52776 and with 200,00 Eur you can access the Silver services. Alternatively, you can now use your Avios to get the Silver Card and if you do not have enough Avios is possible to integrate the difference in euros.

If you are a company learn more about the corporate offer, click here.