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The passport is always necessary and valid for at least three months upon arrival in the country and in any case expires after the date of return to Italy when exceeded the three-month stay. For any changes to this rule it is advisable to inquire beforehand at the Embassy or Consulate of the country present in Italy.
Travelers in possession of Cuban and Italian citizenship which must travel with an Italian passport, otherwise the Cuban authorities do not allow the output from the country.
Further information:


In Cuba has legal tender on the Cuban convertible peso (CUC), which is equivalent to the value of the U.S. dollar.


the official language is Spanish.

Vaccination and Health precautions

No vaccinations are required mandatory All travelers, foreigners and Cubans living abroad at the time of the country, must necessarily be the holder of an insurance policy.


The telephone code to call the 0053 while Cuba is to call Italy from Cuba is the 11939.

Electronic equipments

The current is 110 volts. Our appliances, hair dryers, battery chargers, to work without any problem, but 'course will be less powerful. It should bring an adapter that plugs in Cuba as are typically laminated.