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Palma de Mallorca


Citizens of the European Community only need a valid identity card to enter the country, whilst non-EU citizens require a passport.
Further information:


Local currency is the Euro Banks usually are open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. until 2p.m, and from 9.00 a.m. until 1.00 p.m. on Saturday Payments with credit cards or debit card are commonly used, even for little amounts, for example used to buy museum ticket.


Official language in Palma de Mallorca and in all Catalunia is the Catalan, all together with the Castilian is one of the official language of the country.

Vaccination and Health precautions

Vaccination and Health precautions: Specific health precautions are not required going to Spain. Before leaving Italy it is recommended to obtain from your own National Health Service the “TEAM” (Tessera Europea di Assicurazione Malattia). In Italian this is known as the “Tessera Sanitaria”, which is the equivalent of the European Health Insurance Card. In case you will be in need of medical assistance, this card will allow you to obtain it for free. This card is a substitute of the old forms E110, E111, E119, E128, and it is available at the Ministero dell' Economia e delle Finanze. This card can be obtain from the National Health Service or, in Italy, ASL where a provisional certificate in place of this card may be obtained.

Compulsory vaccinations: none.


Cats and dogs which are less than 3 months old, needs a health certification. Pets older than 3 months must have a health certification (issued 10days before departure) and must have had rabies vaccination at least 30 days before departure. The rabies certification shouldn’t be older than one year before the arrival.


To phone Italy from abroad, the country code is 0039 + city code + phone number. To phone Spain from abroad, the country code is 0034+ 3 (Palma de Mallorca code) + phone number.

Electronic equipments

Electricity is 230V 50Hz, using a European-style plug with two rounded points.