Useful information

Tel Aviv


A passport is required that is valid for at least six months after arrival in the country. No tourist visa is needed if you hold a return ticket to Italy (with any airline company) booked within 90 days from date of arrival. If you stay longer than 90 days or if you hold a one way ticket to Israel you need to apply for Visa.

Further information:


The unit of currency is the New Israeli Sheqel, composed of 100 Agrot


Hebrew and Arabic are official; English is widely spoken, as, to lesser degrees are Russian and French

Vaccination and Health precautions

Vaccinations are not necessary. Sanitary conditions are Excellent.Health facilities are widely available across the country, with many hospitals being global leaders! Doctors are also widely available and a high proportion speak English.


To phone Italy from abroad, the country code is 0039 + city code + phone number. To phone Israel from abroad, the country code is 00972 + 3 (Tel Aviv code) + phone number. Most international cell phones will work in Israel, although it is often worth renting a cell phone as this reduces the cost significantly

Electronic equipments

Electricity is 220V.