How to reach the city from the airport


Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport

Distance from the city centre: the airport is located about 28 km from the city center.

Bus Service
The buses provide transportation to the main city sights such as Pelourinho, Barra, Mercado Modelo and the Lacerda Elevator.
7 de Abril/N. Cidade/Canabrava - Airport (Line L302-00)
Airport - Campo Grande (Line 1002-00)
Airport - Lapa (Line 1003-00)
Airport - Praça da Sé (Line S002-00)
Airport - S. Joaquim (Line 1021-00)
Est. Piraja/Est. Mussurunga - Airport (Line 1332-02)
Est. Piraja/Est. Mussurunga - Airport (Line 1332-03)
Itapuã - Castelo Branco (Line L607-01)
Paripe - Airport (Line 1653-00)
Paripe - Airport (Line 1653-01)
Siero - Airport (Line 0410-00)
Siero - Airport (Line 0410-01)
Siero - Airport (Line 0410-03)
Vila Canária - Airport (Line L307-01)

Taxi Services
A dedicated area in front of the terminal with many cab lines.


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