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The program is valid from 16th May 2019 to 15th May 2022.

Membership of the program

@MyAirItalyClub: any individuals that are 14 or over may participate. No employees of the Air Italy Group, of airlines or of companies operating in the sector may register on the Program, unless otherwise allowed by the Company.

Rewards catalogue
  • Air Italy flights
  • British Airways flights
  • Iberia flights

Method of registration

@MyAirItalyClub: To qualify for the Program, you must fill in and send on-line a registration form available on the Internet site in the Frequent Flyer @MyAirItalyClub section. The secret 8-digit code will be sent to the email address provided, which is essential for the online consultation of your @MyAirItalyClub Avios account statement.
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@MyAirItalyClub PROGRAM REGULATIONS 2017-2019 Edition (effective as of May 16th 2017).
This Regulation completely replaces the previous version 2014-2017, with effect from May 16, 2017, until the end of the operation.


1.1 In these Regulations, terms and expressions are defined as follows, unless otherwise specified: “Company” or “AIRITALY” means AIR ITALY S.p.A, with its registered office at Airport Costa Smeralda - 07026 Olbia “Card” means a plastic card (loyalty card) bearing the Customer’s name, surname and personal numeric code issued by the Airline, which can be used to enjoy the services offered by the Program.

“Airline Partner Company” or “Airline Partner Companies” means the Partner or Partners, respectively, participating to @MyAirItalyClub , as listed in Appendix A, which can be viewed on the website and/or in the Guide. “Program Communications” means all communications relating to the Program that will be published from time to time on the website and/or in other media relating to the Program, such as brochures, newsletters, etc. “General Conditions of Carriage (or GCC)” means the conditions of the contract governing the provision of general economic interest services, consisting of the carriage of passengers and baggage, which can be viewed on the website The “Guide” means all the information available on the website relating to procedures for collecting Avios and claiming Rewards, as well as to the benefits and services offered by the Program.

“Avios” means the points earned with the Airline and its Partners in accordance with the procedures set out in these Regulations, on the website and / or in the Guide and / or in the Program Communications. Avios is the unit of reward of the @MyAirItalyClub Program. Collecting Avios in specified quantities enables Members to claim and obtain Rewards. The Avios currency is managed by Avios Group (AGL) Limited. “Partner” means an Airline or a company or entity that carries out activities other than air transport (also known as a Commercial Partner) and is associated with the Program; through which, by using its services and/or products, Members can collect or redeem Avios, as specified in these Regulations, on the website and/or in the Guide and/or Program Communications. The Program Partners are listed in Appendix A. “Password” means a secret personal code that allows the Member to access their dedicated Program section on the website and other services relating to the Program. “Reward” means the right to air travel or other Rewards, including those featured on as amended from time to time. They can be obtained in the Program by redeeming Avios collected in compliance with the procedures set out in these Regulations, on the website and/or in the Guide and/or Program Communications. “@MyAirItalyClub Program” or “Program” means the Rewards program, in partnership with the Program Partners listed in Appendix A, whose purpose is to retain frequent flyer customers, which is effective from May 16th 2019 to May 15th, 2022, unless extended. The Program is subject to the current regulations relating to competitions and reward operations of the Presidential Decree 430/2001, also subject to monitoring and checks by the competent offices of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development. The “Promoter” of the Program means AIR ITALY S.p.A. and any other company of the Group that participates in the @MyAirItalyClub Program, and the partners listed as Co-Promoters in Appendix A. “Regulations” means these terms and conditions that govern the Program, effective from 16 May 2017. “Crediting of Missing Avios” means the crediting of Avios to a Member’s account after the time at which such crediting would normally automatically take place. “Itinerary Receipt” means, pursuant to the Montreal Convention of 1999 on the civil liability of air carriers, a document certifying the issue of an electronic ticket (e-ticket), which therefore replaces the paper ticket. “Call Center” is the telephone service that allows Members to obtain information, make bookings and obtain tickets, Rewards and assistance. “Member” is a natural person who participates in the program and whose name is printed on the Card.

1.2 Participation in the Program is subject to these Regulations and is free of charge.

1.3 The Airline reserves the right to fully or partially modify these Regulations and the procedures for participating in the Program, at any time, giving prompt notice thereof to the members, without in any way adversely affecting any previously acquired rights, and that these modifications will result in an expansion of the possibilities of the Members conveniences and/or benefits.

1.4 For more information about the program, check the Frequent Flyer section of the website airitaly. com or contact the Call Center at the telephone numbers listed on the website and / or in the Guide and/or in the Program Notices. The cost of the call depends on the contract between the member and the provider.


2.1 All natural persons who are paying passengers on flights, who are at least 14 years of age and who, upon registering, provided a personal postal address and email address for receiving AIRITALY correspondence and the Membership card are eligible to participate in the Program. Registration for the Program by unemancipated minors is subject to the express approval of their parents or those with parental authority. Parents or those with parental authority are responsible for the participation of unemancipated minors in the Program.

2.2 Employees of the Group are not permitted to participate in the Program, unless otherwise allowed by AIRITALY. The Airline reserves the right to deny membership to the Program to those who do not meet the requirements set out in these Regulations, or to exclude them from the Program if failure to meet the abovementioned requirements is subsequently discovered. If the Program registration should contravene or fail to comply with the applicable provisions of the Regulations, the Airline shall reserve the right to revoke the Member’s registration and to cancel the Avios that have yet to be redeemed at the time the exclusion is communicated, as well as to void any Rewards previously obtained but not yet redeemed.

2.3 To join the Program you must register via the website following the procedures therein. Registration for the program requires that these @MyAirItalyClub Regulations have been read and accepted in full.

2.4 Upon registration, Members are provided with a personal numerical code, which must be given when booking flights and checking in at the airport for the relevant number of Avios to be credited. The personal numeric code identifying each Member corresponds to an account to which Avios will be credited: (i) resulting from flights actually taken (i.e. “flown”) with the Airline, (ii) resulting from those actually taken with Partner Airlines and (iii) resulting from the use of services provided by the Airline and (iv) from the purchase of products and the use of services provided by other Partners, in accordance to the terms and conditions set out on the website / or in the Guide and / or in the Program Communications.

2.5 When registering, Members must identify their personal password to access the site and manage their @MyAirItalyClub profile. Members are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their personal password to access the site.

2.6 Members will be sent their Cards bearing their personal data and personal numerical code, separately. The Card is the Member’s name and may only be used by its holder. In the event that the card is lost, stolen or damaged, the Member must notify the Call Center promptly. The Call Center may then re-issue the card or close the corresponding account and open a new account to which all Avios earned will be transferred. In that event, the Member will receive a new code, a new Card and the Member will have to select a new password. However, the Airline will not be responsible for any fraudulent use of the lost or stolen Card prior to the abovementioned notification. If the password is lost, the Member shall follow the procedure for restoring password on the site or contact the Call Center, which will assist the Member in the password reset process after verifying the Member’s identity.

2.7 It is not permitted to register several people under the same personal numerical code or the same account, except in the cases expressly provided for in these Regulations, and stated on the website and / or in the Program Communications. Each registration is made under the name of a single Member and requires the Member to provide his or her own personal data and to notify any changes thereof via the website or by contacting the Call Center. The Member ensures the accuracy of all information provided to the Airline and is solely responsible for it. If multiple codes or accounts are registered to the same Member, the Airline will, after informing the Member in question, transfer the Avios earned to a single account and close the other/others. In that case, if Avios relating to the same flight/service have been credited to multiple accounts in the name of the same Member, they will be credited to the single, valid account only once.

2.8 The purchase, integration and transfer of Avios between different @MyAirItalyClub accounts is not permitted other than as expressly provided for in these Regulations and stated on the website and/ or in the Program Communications.

2.9 Members who were registered for the Program shall continue by rights to be registered for the new Program, without prejudice to their right to request cancellation of their Membership. Fifty percent (50%) of the total points earned during the previous program will be transferred to @MyAirItalyClub account, in order to upgrade the value of the points to the equivalent @MyAirItalyClub points. For the purpose of obtaining the transfer of these points, the Member must earn/use at least one Avios during the immediate 6 months following the effective date of the @MyAirItalyClub Program. The Member accounts which have not earned / used points at the end of the 6-month period will be automatically deleted.

2.10 Members are entitled to withdraw from the Program at any time prior to its anticipated expiry. In that event, without prejudice to their ability to obtain any Reward due if the earned Avios are sufficient, any remaining Avios at the time of withdrawal from the Program will be lost. Members must give notice of withdrawal from the Program in writing, indicating their personal numerical code and attaching a copy of a valid, countersigned document. This notice must be sent to the email or to the fax number +39 0789 646005.

2.11 Members may not sell or trade the Avios they are due in any way, except where expressly provided for in these Regulations and stated on the website and/or in the Program Communications. Reward tickets obtained with the same Avios can not be traded or sold. Similarly, Members may not sell or trade the advantages and benefits obtained through the Program, except where expressly provided for in these Regulations and stated on the website and/or in the Program Communications.

2.12 Members may not falsify or modify the information relating to their participation in the Program in any way, and may not issue false or misleading statements or provide false or misleading information in order to gain advantages they are not entitled to.

2.13 AIRITALY reserves the right to offer promotional initiatives to specific customer groups. By participating in such promotional initiatives, the Customer may receive a number of benefits in addition to those provided for by the Program.


3.1 Members’ participation in the Program is subject to compliance with all conditions and rules of conduct set out in these Regulations. 3.2 In particular, Members are prohibited from behaving in a manner that is improper, indecent, disrespectful or offensive towards employees of the Airline or Airline Partner Company, companies or other entities, or from any inappropriate behavior on board an aircraft or in areas reserved for Members, or from refusing to follow instructions given by employees of the Airline or Airline Partner Company, companies or other entities. 3.3 The Airline reserves the right to take action against Members who have received Rewards, advantages and benefits obtained in breach of the rules set out in these Regulations. 3.4 The Airline reserves the right to exclude a Member from the Program and to cancel any Avios collected that have not yet been redeemed, at the time at which the exclusion is notified, and to void any Rewards previously obtained but not yet redeemed, if the Member fails to comply with all of the conditions of these Regulations and/or his or her conduct does not comply with them, with legislation, with the Airline’s GCCs or those of any of its Partner Airlines or, more generally, with any other applicable regulations or provisions.


The list of Partners of the Program is provided in Appendix A of these Regulations and on the website and/or in the Guide and / or in the Program Communications. This list may be altered at any time. The Airline shall promptly notify Members of any changes to the abovementioned list; these changes shall not involve the loss of any Avios collected using the services of any Partner that may have been excluded from the list, and the exercise of this option will result in an expansion of the possibilities and / or benefits to all participants in the @MyAirItalyClub .


5.1 Avios are the basic unit of calculation for the Program used by the Airline and the partners. Members earn Avios on the Airline’s flights, as well as when using service of commercial partners. Code-sharing flights of the Airline or of a Program Partner Airline in association with other airlines do not entitle Members to earn Avios.

5.2 The number of Avios credited for the flights is calculated according to the IATA TPM (Ticketed Point Mileage) distance or on the minimum Avios number envisaged by the Program between the flight’s departure and destination airports and on the booking class used which indicates the pre-selected rate. For multi-leg flights, Avios are credited in relation to individual legs. The number of Avios credited is specified in the Avios earning tables available on the website and / or in the Guide. The number of Avios credited is as specified in the Avios earning tables in force at the time the ticket for each leg is used. The content of these tables is only valid for the period specified on the website and / or in the Guide. The services provided and the products offered by Partner companies that are eligible for Avios are indicated on the website www.airitaly. com and / or in the Guide and / or in the Program Notices.

5.3 To have Avios credited automatically, Members must quote their personal numeric code when booking flights and show the Card when checking-in at the airport. It may not be possible to credit Avios automatically at some airports. If Avios are not credited automatically Members are entitled to a Crediting of Missing Avios by submitting a request within four (4) months of taking the flight to which the Avios refer, as specified on the website and/or in the Guide. If the services or products of a Commercial Partner are used, Members must quote their personal numerical code when booking the service or purchasing the product.

5.4 In the event that a Member is also registered in another airline’s loyalty program and flies with that airline, he will not be able to have duplicate Avios credited to the account of that program as well as to the account of this Program. If the Airline establishes that a Member has fraudulently obtained duplicate Avios, it reserves the right to void the unduly credited Avios and to exclude the Member from the Program, without prejudice to any rights acquired.

5.5 Any tickets purchased but not used are not eligible for Avios.

5.6 Any Avios that Members earn by using air transport services may only be credited to Members once they have taken the flights.

5.7 Any flights purchased by Members but used by others are not eligible for Avios.

5.8 The Airline reserves the right to undertake promotional initiatives or enter into specific agreements through which Avios can be awarded on different grounds and in addition to those provided for in these Regulations; these will be communicated on the website and the Program Communications, and of which the Ministry of Economic Development will be promptly informed.

5.9 Avios obtained after using Commercial Partner services or products are governed by the rules communicated by these Partners, which are usually posted on the website and / or in the Guide and/or in the Program Communications and / or on the Partners websites if indicated in the list of Partners included in Appendix A of these Regulations.

5.10 Avios cannot be earned from flights taken as Rewards, nor are they contemplated to upgrade to the status of SILVER or GOLD.

5.11 Avios may not be earned on some special booking classes on the Airline’s flights or classes of Partner services or products with particularly discounted rates/prices. The Airline does, however, reserve the right to award Avios for these special rates/prices during specific promotional campaigns, of which Members will be suitably notified as described in art.10 Presidential Decree 430/2001.

5.12 Avios cannot be earned from flights that are free of charge or with discounts of over 40% on the applicable fare (excluding taxes and supplements). Any Avios credited as a result of these flights will be canceled.

5.13 Avios will not be credited for flights with airlines that are not Program Partners, even if originally booked through the Airline or for a ticket issued closed on the Airline. Nonetheless, if the Airline rebooks the flight to an airline that is not a Program Partner because one of the Airline’s flights is canceled within 36 hours of departure, the Member will still be entitled to credit for Avios for that flight.

5.14 Charter flights are not eligible for Avios.

5.15 Program Partners are the only parties responsible for the conditions for awarding Avios , following the use of their services or the purchase of their products and the related credit. Members wishing to use Partner services or products are required to check these applicable conditions with the Partners. The Airline assumes no liability for services or products offered by its Partners. Any related complaints must be addressed directly to those Partners as indicated by them.

5.16 Avios cannot be traded by Members nor converted into cash.

5.17 Avios earned by Members are detailed on their statements, which can be viewed on the website Members are responsible for checking their own statements. In any event, the Airline retains the right to not award Avios or to cancel any Avios mistakenly credited at any time, giving the Member suitable notice.

5.18 In the event of a free upgrade to a superior travel class, awarded by the Airline or one of the Partner Airlines for operational reasons, Members will be credited with the Avios according to the travel class shown on the ticket rather than the class actually flown.

5.19 After a thirty-six (36) month period, during which the Member has not earned any Avios by flying with the Airline or with the Program Partners, the Airline will cancel the expired Avios on the Member’s account. Members are responsible for checking the expiration date of their own Avios. The Airline is not required to communicated the cancellation of Avios pursuant to the above provisions.

5.20 This Rewards transaction enables Avios until the end of April 15, 2022, subject to any Program extensions (see Art. 1.1). Rewards may be requested by Members until May 15th, 2022, and will be awarded to the rightful owner within a maximum period of six (6) months of the end of the transaction (i.e. by November 15th, 2022) pursuant to Presidential Decree n. 430 of October 26th, 2001, with the exception of any Rewards that must be delivered to Member’s home, to which the rules given in the relevant pages on the website relating to these matters apply. Avios earned before April 15th, 2019 which have not been used by May 15th, 2022 will still be available to the Member for the purpose of participation in other programs with points and any @MyAirItalyClub Program extensions, unless otherwise notified.


6.1 For Members to achieve the number of Avios required to obtain one of the Program Rewards, Members may access the Avios & Money option, which allows them to supplement their Avios with a sum of money that is sufficient to collect the Reward. This right is subject to the conditions set forth in the table “Avios & Money” available on and/or in the Guide and / or in the Program Notices. To obtain the Reward, it is therefore expected that the money contribution does not exceed 75 percent of the value of the Reward pursuant to Art. 3 of the Italian Presidential Decree no. 430 of October 26, 2001, (published in Official Journal no. 289 of December 13, 2001). To obtain a Reward, it is therefore necessary to have earned at least 25% of the value of the Reward in Avios. If the required contribution exceeds 75 percent of the prize value, the expected Avios threshold is considered to be equivalent to a cash discount that will be deducted from the value of the booking.


7.1 Members can use their Avios to pay for part of the total price of selected AIRITALY flight’s bookings made on For certain Avios thresholds / rates, each equivalent corresponds to an equivalent cash discount that will be deducted from the value of the booking.

7.2 This functionality will be made available on during the validity of this Regulation and Members will be properly informed through the intended communication channels.

7.3 Bookings made with this payment option will be subject to the standard fare rules associated with the fare purchased.

7.4 Avios can be used to pay for bookings made on or by calling AIRITALY call centre. The entire booking must be eligible for Avios part payment for it to be applied to the booking.

7.5 The Avios payment rates are defined in a fixed set of currencies. If more than one Avios payment option is available, it is not possible to change the price option chosen once a booking has been made. The Avios payable will depend on the cabin class, route selected and the number of people on the booking, this will be clearly displayed on the booking page.

7.6 The Avios to be accrued by each @MyAirItalyClub Member on any booking made using Avios part payment will be clearly displayed on the booking page.

7.7 Avios part payment may not be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers, unless expressly stated otherwise.

7.8 AIRITALY reserves the right to alter the applicable Avios payment rates at any time (but this will not apply to bookings already made before change).


8.1 Members may claim Rewards on flights operated by the Airline and by Program Partner Airlines. Rewards cannot be claimed for code-sharing flights operated by Airlines that are not Program Partners. Any other information relating to flights that are eligible for Rewards and other Rewards is provided on the website and/or in the Guide and/or in the Program Communications.

8.2 Destinations for which and procedures through which Rewards can be claimed are shown in the relevant Rewards tables available on the website and/or in the Guide where the number of Avios needed for each destination, for each travel class and for each kind of Reward is also specified. Rewards will be updated periodically according to market trends and usage patterns and due notice will be given to consumers via the website at and/or in the Guide which are always up-to-date, and in accordance with Italian Presidential Decree. 430 of 2001. The Rewards tables will be always up-to-date and available on the website and/or in the Guide. AIRITALY is committed to ensure Rewards of similar or equal or of greater value for the duration of the Rewards program.

8.3 Rewards can be awarded to Members or to other people specified by Members.

8.4 After earning the required number of Avios, Members can book an Award flight by contacting the Call Center at the number listed on the website and / or in the Guide, specifying that the booking refers to a Reward. Rewards cannot be made through the Airline’s travel agencies or ticket desk or through third-party travel agencies.

8.5 Bookings will be automatically canceled if the Reward ticket is not issued within the time limit indicated at the time of booking. 8.6 Members will always be charged for boarding taxes and fuel surcharges relating to the Reward, as detailed on the website and/or in the Program Communications. These terms and conditions are applied also to Avios & Money option.

8.7 The award requested by phone through our Call Center will be given in electronic format. The airport taxes, fuel surcharge and issuing fees must be paid by credit card.

8.8 In the event that the person claiming the Reward is not the @MyAirItalyClub account holder, on issuing the Reward a copy of the ticket will be sent to the email address or fax number associated with the Member’s account profile and to the address indicated by the beneficiary. Where no email address or fax number is available in the Member’s account profile, it will not be possible to issue Rewards to beneficiaries other than the account holder.

8.9 In the event that the Reward is issued to a beneficiary other than the @MyAirItalyClub account holder, the beneficiary must present, when checking in, documentation relating to the Reward as follows: travel document, personal identification document, a written proxy signed by the account holder and a photocopy of the @MyAirItalyClub account holder’s identification document and @MyAirItalyClub Card.

8.10 There are limited seats on board the Airline’s flights that are reserved for members of Avios and Avios Partner Programs. The Airline guarantees that a minimum of eight (8) Reward seats will be available from when the sale of seats on the flight starts until all seats are sold or 31 days before the flight departure. The availability of reward seats on flights of the Partners Airline is not a responsibility of AIRITALY, instead is a responsibility of the Partner Airline.

8.11 For each Reward ticket, a maximum of two (2) non-requested stops (transits) at intermediate airports between the points of origin and destination are permitted. Requested stops (stopovers) are not permitted.

8.12 Beneficiaries of specific fare discounts (e.g. minors, students, pensioners, etc.) are not entitled to any reduction of the number of Avios required for Rewards; they are entitled to the same Rewards by spending the same number of Avios as the other Members.

8.13 The Avios used to redeem awards can in no case be re-credited to the member’s account. Award tickets are valid for twelve (12) months from the date of issue, which cannot be extended under any circumstances. AIRITALY reserves the right to issue promotional reward tickets with a limited validity of less than twelve (12) months, by communicating the issue to the customer. Expired Rewards cannot be replaced or changed. Any change made to the reward tickets (in terms of date/time, destination, beneficiary and/or itinerary and/or carrier) may be made as long as it occurs within the Reward period of validity (if the beneficiary changes, the previously assigned seat cannot be guaranteed), against payment of an amount in cash (the amount is available on the website and / or the Guide) and any charge for adjusting the threshold of Avios, the fuel surcharge and airport taxes if the amount in excess of the same for the new award ticket required. If a change in itinerary results in residual Avios, these will be lost and will not be refunded to the Member under any circumstances. Any changes must be made by the Call Center; any changes made by other offices of the Airline, the Airline or third-party travel agencies or other Airlines are not permitted.

8.14 Rewards cannot be used on Airlines other than those specified on the ticket.

8.15 In any event, changes of itinerary and/or beneficiary are not permitted if the ticket has been partially used.

8.16 If an award ticket is misplaced or stolen, or totally or partially lost or damaged, the Airline will replace the ticket either in full or in part at the Member’s request, on condition that a) the Member produces evidence of a report made to the competent Public Authorities and b) proof is given, to be promptly verified at the time of the request, that the ticket was validly issued. The Airline, on issuing a new ticket with the same expiration date and the same characteristics as the original ticket, may require payment of a reasonable fee for this service, unless the theft, total or partial loss or damage are attributable to the Airline’s negligence or that of its agents or employees. If a lost, stolen or damaged ticket is returned to the Member prior to its expiration date, the Member will be required to return it to the Airline. The Airline reserves the right at all times to refund the value of the mislaid/lost, stolen or damaged ticket in the event that it has been used fraudulently.

8.17 The current AIRITALY “General Conditions of Carriage for Passengers and Baggage” apply to the rules on carrier liability in relation to flights operated for the redemption of Rewards (available on the website

8.18 The approximate value of individual Rewards is determined based on air fares in effect at the time the Rewards are issued.

8.19 AIRITALY reserves the right to establish other types of Rewards which can be obtained under the Program, for example relating to promotional initiatives of limited duration or reserved for Exclusive Club Members only. These other types of Rewards are going to be communicated to the Member.

8.20 Any Reward claims for a value in Avios greater than the number of Avios currently available in the Member’s account at the time of the claim will not be considered valid.


9.1 All personal data provided at registration, or subsequently, shall be processed by the Airline in accordance with the laws and regulations in force on personal data protection, particularly in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 196 of June 30, 2003 (“Personal Data Protection Code”) and European Regulation n.679/2016 (“GDPR”).

9.2 Personal data must be processed in order to manage Members’ participation in the Program, to allocate any Rewards to Members, as well as other benefits and related services associated with their participation in the Program and their Cardholder status, in accordance with these Regulations.

9.3 The correct performance of the abovementioned data processing activities implies that Members’ personal data may be accessed by the Airline sales staff and by third-party service providers in the context of the Program for purposes strictly related to and instrumental in managing the Program and, subject to Members’ consent, for commercial communication purposes. The Airline sales staff shall act as data supervisors for the Airline, whereas the third-party service providers shall act as processors of such data. As data controller, the Airline shall ensure that the personal data in question is processed in accordance with the principles of necessity, lawfulness, accuracy, quality of data and proportionality and, in any case, ensuring data confidentiality. Data will be processed electronically, manually or in paper form, and will consist of the comparison, classification and calculation of the data, as well as of its sorting and classification into lists, all in accordance with the minimum security requirements to protect the confidentiality of the subject to which the data refers and to avoid the risk of it being accessed by unauthorized third parties. All data, grouped into categories and/or clusters in anonymous form, may be used in the Airline’s statistical analyses to check the marketing preferences of its customers. The Airline also ensures that any personal data is used exclusively for purposes related to participation in the Program and for circulating organizational information to Members regarding their Membership status and possible expiration of benefits associated with the Program. All data provided by Members at registration and/or subsequently may also be used, subject to the Member’s consent, for circulating commercial communications and for direct marketing purposes, as well as, and always subject to the Member’s consent, for profiling and market research purposes. Any disclosure or distribution of data not required by law or not expressly authorized by Members is hereby excluded.

9.4 The website uses automatic systems to collect data that is not provided directly by users (cookies). Cookies may be useful for facilitating site navigation by Members and for identifying Members when they access website pages relating to the Program. For further details and information on cookies, please visit the Privacy section of the website

9.5 Personal data will be processed throughout the Program and its subsequent editions, within the terms and conditions set out in these Regulations, and will be stored after its expiration and/or a Member’s withdrawal for the exclusive purpose of handling legal and/or administrative/accounting disputes. After the expiration of or withdrawal from the Program, data will be kept for the statutory period of limitation applicable to Members’ rights. Nevertheless, personal data will be kept for profiling or direct marketing purposes for a period not exceeding twelve and twenty-four months, respectively, from when it was registered, unless it is effectively anonymized to prevent the identification of those involved, even if indirectly or by linking with other databases. Any personal data that does not require archiving in relation to the purposes for which it was processed will be deleted or anonymized by both the Airline and any third parties to which it was disclosed for the abovementioned purposes.

9.6 On registering for the Program, all personal data marked by an asterisk (*) must be provided in order to fully participate in the Program and related initiatives, as well as to fulfill legal requirements. Any refusal to provide the requested personal data, whether in part or in full, during the implementation of the Program, may prevent the Airline and third-party service providers acting within the context of the Program from fully implementing or correctly fulfilling any obligations arising from the Program. On the other hand, supplying personal data other than that marked by an asterisk (*) is optional and any failure to supply it will not affect the Member’s registration and participation in the Program in any way.

9.7 Members will be given the appropriate information on the processing of their personal data that is collected for the sole purposes of the Program. Consent will be requested for each purpose separately, if required by law. Specifically, Members are entitled to freely express their choices on the processing of their personal data, whereby they may also state their wishes for each of the identified purposes, including the mailing of any commercial communications and all of Program Communications.

9.8 As described in articles 15-22 of GDPR, Members have the right to obtain confirmation of the existence of their personal data, to know its contents and its source, to check its accuracy or request that it be integrated, updated or rectified, at all times. Members also have the right to request its deletion or anonymization, or for any data processed in violation of the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Code to be blocked and to object, in all cases, to its processing for legitimate reasons, by sending this to the Airline in writing to the following address dedicated to Members’: Holder of the treatment of personal data is AIR ITALY S.p.A. - Head Office 07026 Olbia-Costa Smeralda Airport (OT), fax 0789/52861, e-mail


10.1 For anything not expressly provided for or governed by these Regulations, reference shall be made to relevant legislation, with special reference to Italian Presidential Decree no. 430 of October 26, 2001, (published in Official Journal no. 289 of December 13, 2001) on “Regulations concerning the revision of the rules governing competitions and reward programs, as well as local events” pursuant to Art. 19, paragraph 4, of law no. 449 of December 27, 1997.

10.2 In the event of any conflicts between the provisions of these Regulations and the abovementioned decree, the latter shall prevail.



Different leading companies operating in various industries will participate to the @MyAirItalyClub Program as Co-sponsors. By accessing the wide range of products and services made available by the partner companies, the Program Members collect Avios according to the terms agreed between AIRITALY and each Partner. These terms are shown on the website The updated list of the Program Partners can be found on the website and/or in the Guide and/or in the Program Notices. The regulations of the Program Partners loyalty programs can be found at the links to the Partners websites listed below and on This list is likely to be changed in relation to the dynamics of the agreements portfolio and usage patterns. The Company shall promptly notify the Member of any changes to this list. These changes do not mean the loss of accumulated Avios using the services of a Partner removed from the list.

The Business Partners of the Programme are:

Airline Partners:
- British Airways Ltd
- Iberia Líneas Aéreas de España, S.A. Operadora, Sociedad Unipersonal

Non Airline Partners:
- Avis
- Budget
- Maggiore
- Autoradio taxi e pronto taxi
- American Express Membership Rewards
- The Economist
- Best Western
- Agoda
- Trip
- Rocketmiles
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