Partner Vantages

The Hi-Fly program is enhanced with new partners, some of which, in addition to recognizing gains on the miles accumulate in order to win a prize trip Air Italy, offering exclusive benefits to holders of Fly Pass card.
In order to be constantly updated with the promotions offered by Air Italy and its partners, subscribe to receive the Hi-Fly News.

To be able to accumulate points and the relative benefits, you should simply communicate your own Hi-Fly code number when booking.




Logo Wokita

WOKITA is Air Italy group tour operator, that offers its products both through the website www.wokita.com and through the best travel agencies. WOKITA is specialised in the main seaside destinations both domestic and international. Sardinia, Sicily, Tuscany together with Greece, Egypt, Maldives and Caribbean Islands are the main destinations of Wokita.
Let’s not forget the European destinations such as Paris, London, Madrid, Barcelona and Budapest, where one can organise a week-end with the best quality-price ratios possible. Fares for flights only to the main destinations, even domestic, are very convenient and incur no travel agency fees.

There are discounts and special terms reserved for Fly Pass card holders.
Discover the dedicated offers in the Fly Pass Newsletter or contact the Customer Care Service at (0039) 078952776.

For futher information and bookings :
Booking by phone: 0039 0789 52724

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Logo BestWestern

Air Italy and Best Western, hospitable for passion!

Air Italy, thanks to the agreement with Best Western, allows you to stay in over 170 Best Western Hotels in Italy and to benefit from a discount of 10% on the best fare without any restrictions.

For bookings, please contact the Best Western Toll-Free number 800-820080 and communicate your special code* or insert it on the website www.bestwestern.it, as the reservation system ID code and select the Reserved Fare –Partner.
*You will receive Your Promo-code contacting the Customer Care Fly Pass number (0039) 078952776.
This offer is subject to availability and can not be combined with other offers.

The offer is valid until 31st January 2014.

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Logo British Institutes

Travelling with the English of British Institutes!

Thanks to Air Italy, English is much easier and accessible! reserves you discounts and advantages on English courses in a classroom:
Free placement test
10% discount
on group courses
5% discount on individual courses in hours.
You can find the list of authorized centres on the web site www.britishinstitutes.it.
In order to benefit from the discount, you simply have to communicate your Fly Pass code while subscribing.

The offer is valid until 31st January 2014.

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Logo Interflora

Many discounts thanks to Interflora!

The agreement between Interflora and Air Italy offers you a discount of 8% for the door-to-door delivery of flowers, plants and gifts, reaching the person you want to, in a while, anywhere!

To benefit from the offer using the promo-code reserved for you in the Fly-Pass Newsletter you can choose from the following options:
-click on www.interflora.it, also from smartphone, and insert the code in the area “promo code”;
-contact Interflora number for orders 800.63.88.96 and tell the operator your promo-code and Fly-Pass card number.

Don’t waist your time! Go to www.interflora.it and choose one of many Interflora offers.

The offer is valid until 31st January 2014.

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Logo Kara Sardegna

www.karasardegna.it is a modern Internet shop that brings a selected range of Sardinia branded products, including wine, gastronomic specialties, objects of cultural and artistic traditions, directly to your home, they represents the natural evolution of the physical shop managed by Karasardegna, that has been running at the Emerald Coast airport of Olbia since 1994.
During its 12 years in this business, Karasardegna has identified the best selections of the wine and gastronomic patrimony of Sardinia, obtaining the trust of more than 800,000 Customers.

Simplicity, easy browsing, completeness of the product range, certification of maximum security for all online transactions and Consumer relations, the latter certified by "Progetto fiducia" by Federcomin, are the prime characteristics that mark its website.
The Karasardegna catalogue is now reachable with a click, to taste the memory of a wonderful holiday, to prepare for a future trip or even just to simply discover the taste of an island rich in traditions and amazing flavours.

Karasardegna reserves special discounts to Fly Pass card holders.
discover how to access them on the Fly-Pass Newsletter or contact the Fly Pass Customer Care at the number (0039) 078952776.

Per information and bookings:
Telephone: (+39) 0789 -563470

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Logo Piram

Discover the e-concept store of beauty

Piram.it is the only e-concept store of Italian beauty. A virtual marketplace where you can buy beauty, wellness and health products for the whole family. It offers a rich and varied catalogue, ranging from skin care products to supplements, from make-up to Dr Scholl footwear.
Thanks to Air Italy, Piram.it reserves you a discount on the whole catalogue.
Piram.it reserves Fly-Pass members a 10% discount * on its online catalogue.

How to buy at a discount of 10%*?
- Sign up on Piram.it, writing in the notes "Fly-Pass Air Italy”
- after the registration, the Piram.it staff will send you an e-mail confirmation of the activation of your profile
- once you receive the e-mail, you will be able to login on Piram.it
- after the login the system will show you the whole catalog discounted of 10% * and you can go ahead with your on-line order.

*The discount of 10% is not combinable with other offers.

The offer is valid until 31st January 2014.

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Logo EF

Travel and study with Air Italy and EF!
EF Education First, the biggest organization of language courses abroad, offers Fly Pass customers the following discounts:
Age range 8-14 and 14-19 years: 7% discount* on courses of EF Study Vacations abroad 2011, for the very young (8-14 years) and High School students (14-19 years): summer departures of groups with escort leader from Italy. Many available destinations to learn English, French, Spanish and German.
Toll-free number 800-820044
Electronic catalogue www.ef-italia.it/Air Italy
From age 16 and up: 7% discount* on the courses present in the catalogue EF Language Courses abroad 2010/2011.
Language courses abroad for students, university students and adults, with individual departures throughout the whole year and with a minimum stay of 2 weeks.
Toll-free number 800-827106
Electronic catalogue www.ef-italia.it/Air Italy
From age 18 and up: 5% discount* on EF Academic Language Year 2011 courses. Study year or semester abroad.
Post-graduate training program in view of higher studies or the entry into the working world. Specific academic programs.
Toll-free number 800-827106
Electronic cataloguewww.ef-italia.it/Air Italy
From age 28 years and up: 5% discount* on the proposals EF Corporate Language Training (catalogue 2011).
Full immersion courses, for managers, professionals and companies, in every time of the year starting from 1 week.
Call the number 02 7789410 or look through the electronic catalogue or visit the web site www.ef-italia.it/Air Italy.
* To request the discounts you have to communicate the Fly Pass code, while filling out the application form. The discounts are only valid for subscriptions made directly via FAX with the EF offices of Milan and Rome and they are not combinable with other offers in course (e.g. prices of the courses highlightend in yellow).
To contact the EF offices:
EF Education Milan - Corso Vittorio Emanuele 24 (Inizio Corsia dei Servi) - Milan 20122 Tel.: 02 77891 - Fax: 02 782733
EF Education Rome - Via Ludovisi 35/ScalaA (ang. Via Vittorio Veneto) - Rome 00187 Tel.: 06 424541 - Fax: 06 42904479.

The offer is valid until 31st January 2014.

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Logo Europcar

With Europcar a lot of discounts for you!

Europcar, leader on the car rental market with 280 offices and over 30000 vehicles of the most important car dealerships, offers Fly-pass card holders exclusive discounts on car and van rentals in Italy and abroad.

Discover the special fares in the Fly Pass newsletters or contact the Customer Care at the number (0039) 078952776.

The offer is valid until 31st January 2014.

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