Advance seat selection

    Travelling with family or friends? Do you need some extra legroom? For a nominal fee, Air Italy’s Advance Seat Selection service makes life easier by letting you choose the seat before going to the airport. You can select your seat when booking your flight or afterwards by using Manage Booking. You can also reserve your seat by contacting our Call Center or your travel agent.

    If you haven’t reserved a seat in advance, you can still choose your seat free of charge at check-in or when Web Check-In opens 7 days before departure. You’ll have a choice of Standard Seats from those that are still available at no charge.

    The Advance Seat Selection fee depends on travel class, seat type, ticket type, length of your flight and your frequent flyer status.
    Unaccompanied minors and passengers with reduced mobility are seated free of charge – please contact our Call Center or on the dedicated number +39 0789 52609, option 1.

    Our economy Comfort Seats are regular seats generally in the front or at the Emergency Exit rows. You can choose from extra legroom at the Emergency Exit rows or the convenience of sitting in the front of aircraft for easy disembarkation.
    On all our medium and short-haul flights, you can also select economy class seats in the first row of the aircraft and close to the emergency exit using our "Economy Preferred".

    Economy Standard Seats: all remaining seats.

    Choose your seat.

    Here details and limitations about the service.

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