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Lampedusa is the largest island of the Pelagie Archipelago that also includes the minor islands of Linosa and Lampione. The island is located in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea and is 250 Km from Sicily and just 110 from the African coasts. The landscape is typically Mediterranean as well the weather that remains hot and warm almost all the year round.
Due to its position, Lampedusa has been approached by different populations like the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Arabs each of which left extensive historical evidence of their culture and traditions on the Island.
The numerous beaches, characterised by white calcareous sand and beautiful crystalline water, have contributed to making Lampedusa one of the most important Sicilian destinations also at an international level.
The chalky Island has a magnificent flora and fauna system and, in particular the presence of the Caretta Turtles has stirred up considerable interest since they have chosen Lampedusa and specially the splendid Isola dei Conigli beach as their own place of reproduction.
The Economy of Lampedusa is based on tourism and the fishing industry which focuses on Tunas and Swordfish, but it also has craftsmen producing ceramics and wicker furniture.