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Naples with its near 1,000,000 inhabitants is the administrative capital city in the homonymous province and the Campania region. The city of Naples is located in a central area of the homonymous Gulf, between Mount Vesuvius and the volcanic area of the “Campi Flegrei” in one of the most enchanting sceneries of the world. Its city centre, thanks to its huge artistic and architectonic wealth, has made Naples a part of UNESCO cultural heritage.
The current urban settlements in Naples were already established in the Greek period; in fact, the city centre’s current shape still reflects the old boundaries (old decumans are still visible).
Among the monuments worth visiting, we can mention various castles built in many different eras. “Castel Capuano” Naples’ oldest castle, with Norman origins, is used nowadays as the civil section of the Naples law court. “Castel dell’Ovo” is located on the old island of “Megaride”, where, in the VII century, the Cumaeans landed and laid the foundations of the “Parthenope”.
The “Castel Nuovo”, also called “Maschio Angioino”, was built in 1279, under the reign of Carlo d‘Angiò, and designed by the French architect Pierre de Chaule.
The city has over 700 palaces of artistic monumental value, like the Renaissance “Palazzo Penne”, an important example of fifteen-century civil architecture.
The Neapolitan theatre is one of the oldest and recognised traditions of the city. Among the major representatives we can mention Eduardo de Filippo and his theatrical company.
The city’s largest theatre is the “Teatro San Carlo” (the largest in Italy with its 3,000 seats and the oldest in Europe as far as stage activities are concerned), while the city’s permanent theatre is the “Teatro Mercandante”.
The city of Naples has been chosen by the Italian government as the seat of the first three editions of the National Theatre Festival held in 2007-2009.


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