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Italian travellers must hold a valid passport and a visa issued by the Russian consulate in Italy. In order to get visa permit, travellers have to apply for it (at least 29 days before departure), by filling fully in a specific form, and add a passport-size photograph signed on the back.

Further information:


The currency unit is the rouble- RUF


Official language is Russian

Vaccination and Health precautions

Vaccination are not required
It is not recommended to drink water from tap, even if it is officially drinkable, because it contains high level of mineral salt. Purifier and control system, in some areas, doesn’t work properly.


Cats and dogs are allowed to enter the country only if they are provided with an official veterinary certificate of good health, in which is specified the absence of any infectious diseases, issued no later than 10 days before the arrival in Russia. Importing any more animal species, including birds and fishes is subject to the request of an official veterinary certificate. Doves import is strictly forbidden.


To phone Italy from Russia, the country code is 0039 + city code + phone number.
To phone Russia from abroad, the country code is 007 + 495 (Moscow code) + phone number
In Russia it is possible to make and receive phone calls also with Italian mobile phone cards.
The majority of public telephones are well kept and work with pre-paid phonecards, which can be bought at the underground ticket office or at kiosks

Electronic equipments

Electricity is 220V.