Useful information



All Italian travellers going to Mauritius, must hold passports that are valid for at least six months beyond the proposed date of entry to the country. Tourist Visas are not required for stays up to three months. At the airport, leaving the country, it is requested to pay 31 euro tax.
Police authorities and immigration offices require to hold a return ticket to Italy (with any airline company) or an international connection ticket to another State (with any airline or navigation company)

Further information:


Official currency is the mauritian rupee (Rs). Currency exchange could be made at banks and at the ‘bureau de change’. American Express, Diners, MasterCard and Visa are the likeliest to be accepted .


Official language is English. The most understood and spoken, after the Creole, is French. Among oriental languages, the most spoken is Hindi.

Vaccination and Health precautions

Compulsory vaccinations: none


Pets should be provided with an import permit to be requested at the Agricolture Ministery and by a certificate issued by a veterinary from the country of origin. They must be put in quarantine for at least six months.


To phone Italy from Mauritius, the country code is 0039 + city code + phone number.
To phone Mauritius from abroad, the country code is 00230 + phone number.

Electronic equipments

Electricity is 220V; two-three round pin plug. Travellers with different appliance should bring an adaptor and /or transformer.