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Change your reservation image Change your reservation and request refunds online

In this area it is possible to review, modify or process a refund for your reservations made via our website.

For further information about change reservation, please click here

Purchase baggage image Extra service purchase of your travel

In this area you can purchase the transportation of checked baggage, excess baggage, sporting equipments, pets and first on board service. Online purchase are cheaper than at the airport.

For further information about online purchase baggage, please click here

Advance Passenger Information image API, Advance Passenger Information

The governments of certain Extra Schengen countries require Air Italy to collect specific information about passengers before starting their trip (API, Advance Passenger Information).
The passengers can access their reservation and provide us with their details.

For further information about API, please click here

onboard seat assignment image Onboard seat assignment and web check-in

In this section you can directly book your seat on the Air Italy aircraft. In addition, you can access the web check-in service.

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Re-print your travel documents image Re-print your travel documents

Here it is possible to re-print your travel documents as for the flight and the luggage, possibly bought beforehand.

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