Company informations

The fleet

Air Italy boast an overall fleet of 12 aircrafts, consisting of 7 Boeing 737-800, 1 Boeing 737-700, 1 Boeing 767-200, 3 Boeing 767-300.
All the planes in service are equipped with the most advanced systems and are regularly brought into line with the new standards of safety and comfort at the Maintenance Base of company.

Boeing 737

The 737 - a short-to-medium-range airplane - is based on a key Boeing philosophy of delivering added value to airlines with reliability, simplicity and reduced operating and maintenance costs.

Technical details

Boeing 767

Long-haul twin-engine aircraft, the Boeing B767 is a safe, reliable and versatile airplane. It is this versatility that allows us to effectively serve both the medium-haul routes and the long-haul ones across the north Atlantic and the Pacific.

Technical details


Attention has been paid to all the technological aspects related to innovation and reliability. The fleet undergoes continuous and severe strict efficiency tests and is updated according to the latest and most advanced standards. Flight instrumentation complies with the most modern and advanced technologies.


The first Italian airline, and among the first four in Europe, to obtain the Maintenance Organization Certificate, approved in accordance with the new European regulations (Joint Aviation Requirements), by the European Joint Aviation Authority. The technical management of the carriers is centrally based on the principle of preventive maintenance, complying with the manufacturer’s recommendations as approved by the Italian Aeronautical Registry. The maintenance operations are planned and managed with the support of a complex computer Incentive Scheme, and assigned to skilled and highly trained personnel. Presently, nearly all the maintenance activities (inclusive of the “C” and “D” checks) take place in our Olbia facilities.