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"Our Company is made up of “real” People, who have made our history and that will build our future".
"Our People have a high professional profile, constantly updated and tested, in a business that requires particular knowledge, readiness and availability skills, People with a great enthusiasm , flexibility and problem solving skills, able to integrate into a team and to work independently.


Training center

With the strength of 40 years of experience, JAA European certified and ENAC approved, Training Center (Centro Addestramento) is the Company’s training nerve center.
Located at Company’s base of Olbia near Costa Smeralda Airport, its classrooms are fully equipped with multimedia teaching aids. Qualified instructors certified by the Aeronautics Authority guarantee a high degree of professionalism and training programs that conform completely to national and European standards.
Be advised that all courses focus on the single goal of training and qualifying students. The Company bears no responsibility either for the students’ successful completion of the course or for students’ future employment.
Finally, note that all courses have limited enrollment – 2 for MD-80-type rating and 5 for all others: once that number of students is enrolled, the Training Center will promptly inform individual applicants of the next start date of the desired course. request additional information.

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Test of English for Aviation (T.E.A.)

The Company is now a recognized Test Centre for TEA (Test of English for Aviation), a test which has been recognized by ENAC and certifies your English speaking and listening ability according to the ICAO band descriptors.
The exams are held at the Olbia’s Training Centre, Costa Smeralda Airport. The exam lasts about 30 minutes and has a set cost of 110 euros. There is no minimum period which a candidate is required to wait before he/she can take the TEA test again. Candidate who are not satisfied with their results may appeal in writing no later than one month after the test certificate has been issued.
The test results are communicated to the Training Center within 2 weeks of the test. A certificate with the results will then be issued by the Training Centre, which must be presented by the candidate to ENAC in order to update his/her flying license. For further information or to book your test please contact the Training Centre.
The test:
- is designed to assess a candidate's spoken and listening ability according to the ICAO band descriptors.
- is conducted in the form of a one-to-one interview between the candidate and the examiner.
- comprises three sections and lasts approximately 20 minutes.
Throughout the three sections of the test, the examiner will be assessing the candidate’s ability based on the following six ICAO language proficiency requirements: pronunciation, structure, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and interactions.
The candidate will be awarded a grade for each of the six skills.
Section One: Introduction (4 minutes)
The candidate is asked a series of questions on common, concrete and work-related topics relating to his/her aviation background.
Section Two: Interactive Comprehension (8 minutes)
- Part A: Candidates listen to aviation-specific recordings of non- routine and emergency situations. Candidates are required to explain what is happening.
- Part B: Candidates are presented with a series of problem solving role-play scenarios. The candidate is required to ask questions and give advice.
Section Three: Description and Discussion (8 minutes)
Candidates are presented with a series of aviation-related images and are required to describe what they see. The examiner will then ask further questions related to the images.


Airline Personnel Courses


MD 80 Type Rating
MD 80 Type Rating Renewal
Low Visibility Operations
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Crew Resource Management
Transport of Dangerous Goods

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Flight attendants
Cabin Crew Initial Training
Cabin Crew Conversion Course
Cabin Crew Recurrent Training
Cabin Crew Refresher Training
Cabin Crew Instructor Course
Crew Resource Management
Transport of Dangerous Goods

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