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Bari | Bergamo | Bologna | Catania | Milan Lin | Milan Mxp | Naples

Rome | Turin | Verona | Venice


Bologna | Milan Mxp | Naples | Turin | Verona


Cagliari | Milan Lin | Milan Mxp | Olbia

Milan Mxp

Brindisi | Lamezia Terme | Lampedusa | Palermo

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Spain and Balearic Islands

Fuerteventura from Bergamo | Milan Mxp | Rimini | Rome | Verona

Tenerife from Rome

Ibiza from Bergamo | Milan Lin | Milan Mxp | Monaco di Baviera | Naples | Olbia

Palma de Mallorca from Bergamo | Bologna | Rome | Verona

Minorca from Bergamo | Bologna | Milan Mxp | Rome

Greek Isalnd

Kos from Bergamo

Heraklion from Bergamo | Milano Mxp | Verona

Skiathos from Milan Mxp | Verona

Mykonos from Bergamo | Milan Mxp | Rome

Rhodes from Bergamo | Milan Mxp | Naples | Roma | Verona

Santorini from Milan Mxp | Naples | Rome


Cairo from Milan Mxp

Marsa Alam from Bergamo

Sharm El Sheikh from Bergamo | Milan Mxp | Rome


London from Naples | Olbia

Paris from Olbia

Marseille from Cagliari | < Milan Lin | Naples | Olbia

Nice from Olbia

Munich from Ibiza | Milan Lin | Naples | Olbia

Moscow from Milan Mxp | Naples | Olbia

Chisinau from Bologna | Milan Mxp | Rome | Venice | Verona | Turin

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New York

Direct flight from Naples | Palermo

Via Naples from Milan Mxp


Havana from Milan Mxp

La Romana from Milan Mxp | Rome | Verona


Accra from Milan Mxp

Cairo from Milan Mxp

Cape Verde Bergamo

Dakar from Milan Mxp

Lagos from Milan Mxp

Marsa Alam from Bergamo

Mombasa Milan Mxp | Olbia | Rome

Nosy Be from Milan Mxp | Rome

Sharm El Sheikh from Bergamo | Milan Mxp | Rome

Zanzibar Milan Mxp | Olbia | Rome

Indian Ocean and Brasil

Mauritius from Milan Mxp | Rome

Recife from Milan Mxp

Fortaleza from Milan Mxp

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