Sicily: no place for clichés

There’s only one place in the world where, after an original granita-based breakfast, you can spend the morning walking amid the magnificent mosaics of a fourth century Roman villa; then lunch on the delicacies of the area, or taste a wide selection of delicious fresh fish accompanied by astonishing-flavoured wines.

Where you can pass through mediaeval villages and pristine historic centres, whether you’re on your way down to crystal-clear seas lapping white sandy beaches, or to a nature reserve where the Mediterranean vegetation provides a backdrop of colour and fragrance to the nests of breeding flamingos.

Where you can end the day surrounded by the sheer perfection of a Greek amphitheatre, watching a Classical play of unparalleled charm. Or where you can end the evening strolling through enchanting streets, following in the footsteps of Federico Fellini and Greta Garbo, Oscar Wilde and Goethe, overwhelmed by the at once disturbing and breathtaking presence of Europe’s largest active volcano.

That place, with all its charming beauty, is Sicily.

It’s really a rather daunting task to choose just a few of the profusion of places, emotions and opportunities that Sicily offers. Not so much an island as a continent – multifaceted, overflowing and seductive. Now the choice is up to you.

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