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General transportation conditions

This section provides details on the general transportation conditions valid on all flights operated by Air Italy. For flights operated by other Carriers (Codeshare Flights), please review the conditions present on the website of the Airline that operates the respective flights.

Minors travelling alone iconMinors travelling alone

Air Italy pay particular attention to all minors travelling on board their flights to guarantee their security and safety.

Young children up to 2 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or by an adult.
On board Air Italy flights, each adult passenger can travel accompanied by one infant only (children up to 2 years of age). Therefore, to travel with 2 infants, a second adult is required on board. Infants do not occupy seats since they travel on the lap of the adult that accompanies them and are entitled to l0 kg of baggage allowance. If the infant reaches 2 years of age while travelling (that is, on departure, he was under 2 years of age, on returning, he has already reached the age of 2), it will be necessary to book a seat on the flight from the date of his birthday. Therefore he will charged an Infant fare for the outbound trip and a Child fare ( from 2 to 11 years old ) for the inbound trip. Bookings have to be made considering the age of the Infant/Child while travelling. On intercontinental flights, it is possible to request a baby bassinet for infant up to 10kgs, by contacting in advance our direct email address or our Call Centre. The service, subject to availability, is delivered on Bulk Seats Area at the cost of 65€/100C$.

Reserve a seat for an infant under 2 years
Infants under 2 years of age at date of travel normally sit on an adults lap without a seat of their own; infants not occupying a seat and receive no checked baggage allowance.
However, it is possible to reserve a seat next to an adult for an infant provided that they are seated in a car seat approved by:
• EU: ECE R44/03 or ECE R44/04
• Canada: CMVSS 213 and 213.1
• USA: FMVSS No. 213
• Germany: TÜV/958-01/2001
• Car seats approved by the Canadian Transport Authority, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) by the EU Joint Civil Authority (JAA).
The car seat :
• May only be used for infants under the age of two years
• Must be designed to be secured by means of a normal single lap belt
• Must have a 2-point restraining harness
• Must not be wider than 42 cm (16.5 inches)
• Must be strapped in place according to the manufacturers instructions and ensuring that the adult seat belt does not lie directly over any part of the frame or under the structure of the car seat after tightening
• Must display the safety approval label
The service is optional must be booked and payment made before the flight by contacting our Special Assistance service +39 0789 52609 option 1. Reserved Seats for infants are charged at the applicable child fare.

Unaccompanied minors
- Air Italy accept unaccompanied minors from 5 to 13 years of age on board all their flights.

- All minors can travel if escorted by a person at least 18 years of age who assumes responsibility of the minor. Alternatively, it's possible request assistance for unaccompanied minors through the Air Italy Call Center.
For information and reservations, contact the Call Center at or calling to the dedicated number +39 0789 52609, option 1.The service cannot be booked on our website.
The cost of the service (ticket office fees excluded) for each unaccompanied minor is:
- 125€/175C$ for each flight for intercontinental flights.

- The availability for such assistance is limited on each flight: it is therefore recommended to make such reservations as early as possible.

- Children aged 2 years and upwards have the same adult's baggage allowance.

Boarding procedures:

We reccomend you to arrive at the check in for safety operations at least 1 hour before flight departure. Minors will be received by the check-in ground staff: they will wait with the ground staff before boarding and will be accompanied on board the aircraft where they will be handed over to the cabin attendant. Important: when making the reservation, the Customer must communicate the name and contact number (possibly a mobile) of the person that will be escorting the minor on departure and the person who will pick them up on arrival after presenting relative ID. The escort on departure will have to stay at the airport until the aircraft takes off, in case of flight cancellation. On arrival, the ground staff will take care of the minor until the arrival of the parents or relatives, it's required to be punctual.

Warning icon
- For flights operated by carriers other than Air Italy, the passenger must always check the terms and conditions of the operating carrier.

- The passenger must always verify the travel documentation required by all countries being visited. Air Italy disclaims all responsibility in case boarding is denied at the airport.

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Special Meals

For special meals, we kindly ask you to inform us at least 48 hours before departure and we will provide to satisfy your request. We have a wide choice of special meals: vegetarian, for intolerant or allergic passengers, for health or religion needs.
We recommend passengers who suffer from severe food allergies to bring their own food products tailored to their individual dietary needs. For all requests regarding special meals, please contact our Call Center.

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Animal iconTransportation of domestic animals

On board of Air Italy flights transportation of dogs, cats, singing birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and furrets is permitted.
The service is subject to availability and is not permitted on all aircraft, it's important check availability contacting in advance our call center.

We remind you:

- the animal must be in possession of a passport issued by a veterinarian that has the vaccinations and health status of the animal
- animals younger than 3 months, then not yet received the anti-rabies vaccine, may not be introduced in Italy or travel to Europe.
- to travel in Italy rabies vaccination it is not mandatory.
- for flights to and from Great Britain the transport of animals is not allowed except guide dogs accompanying blind passengers, click here for all the information
- is the passenger's responsibility to verify any provisions or restrictions of the country of destination at the Embassy, Consulate or from the Travel Information Manual of IATA
- failure to comply with the Provisions and restrictions of the destination country will cause the failure of the animal boarding

Transportation in the cabin is subject to specific conditions:

- the animal must be cared for at all times by the passenger and should be kept in an appropriate container.The container taken on board must not exceed the following size: 48x33x29 cm.
- the weight of the container, pet and food included, should not exceed a total of 10 Kg
- the container must be sturdy, secure, rigid or bag with a leak proof bottom and openings for adequate ventilation
- the carrier must allow the animal to be in comfortable position of being able to turn and crouch, if the pet disturbs the passengers, the Captain has the authority to transfer it to the hold.

Transportation in the hold is subject to specific conditions:

- the animal must travel in a rigid container
- the shell of the carrier must consist only of fibers of glass or rigid plastic- If the carrier is equipped with wheels, they must be removed by the passenger, if they are retractable, you must lock them with adhesive tap.


- it is important to accustom the animal to the container
- feed it up to 4 hours before departure and make sure it has enough food for the journey
- consult your veterinarian to decide whether or not it is necessary to administer any tranquilizers.

To check the cost of transportation of animals in the cabin or in the hold on Domestic and International flights (by WebSite, Call Center, travel agency and ticket counter at the airport) is available by clicking on the following link special baggage prices.

Bringing a Dog into the United States
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s unimmunized dog permit ("Permit to Conditionally Import a Dog Inadequately Immunized Against Rabies") replaces the permission letter and must be included with the unimmunized dog's importation documents. Dogs arriving into the United States must be healthy, and with limited exceptions, be immunized against rabies and have a valid rabies vaccination certificate.
Dog owners should have applied online fora permit before traveling. Anyone bringing an unimmunized dog into the United States should have a copy of their unimmunized dog permit from CDC.
If the dog is denied entry upon arrival to the United States, the importer is responsible for costs related to the care, evaluation, or re-exportation of the dog.
Valid rabies vaccination certificate
The rabies vaccination certificate must include all of the following information:
- Name and address of owner
- Breed, sex, date of birth (approximate age if date of birth unknown), color, markings, and other identifying information for the dog
- Date of rabies vaccination and vaccine product information
- Date the vaccination expires
- Name, license number, address, and signature of veterinarian who administered the vaccination
CDC does not accept these items as proof of rabies vaccination:
• Rabies titer values or serology (blood tests)
• Veterinarian exemption letter
• Health certificate or pet passport with no proof of rabies vaccination
See for further information.

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Priority boarding icon First on Board - Priority Boarding

For a comfortable travel with First on Board Service you can be sure to be amongst the first to board and secure the space for your hand baggage. The service is included for passengers with Premium and Business fares and for Fly Pass Silver and Gold members. For all the other passengers it can be purchased at the same time of buying the ticket or afterwards in the dedicated section at 15€/30C$ for intercontinental flights.

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Advance seat selection iconAdvance seat selection

For a nominal fee, Air Italy’s Advance Seat Selection service makes life easier by letting you choose the seat before going to the airport.
Our Economy Comfort seats offer extra legroom at the Emergency Exit rows or the convenience of sitting in the front of aircraft for easy disembarkation- these seats can be paid for up to departure time. If you would like to be sure of being seated with family or friends you can select an Economy Standard seat.

Advance seat selection fees
Preferred seat
Standard Seat
  Fares Standard front row Standard back rows
International - Long Haul/Transatlantic flights €65/$80/C$100 Classic** €28/$34/C$45 €10/$15/C$15
Light €32/$40/C$50 €20/$25/C$30
Premium fare/Business Class/Fly Pass Gold Cardholders Free

Check-in Desk
Preferred seat (PRE-seat) Standard seat
Intercontinental Long Haul flights €70/$85/C$125 Free
Premium fare/Business Class/Fly Pass Gold Cardholders Free

Long haul

Airbus 330-200:
Preferred seats: seats located in the first row of each zone immediately after the bulkhead 10A/B/D/E/F/G/J/K - 28D/E/F/G - 29A/B/J/K
Standard Seats: Seats upon a charge except at the airport at the time of departure.
Two fares available for front zone (row 11/12/14) and back zone (from row 15)

** Rates also applicable to fares subject to special conditions different from Light and Premium (Example CT Flex, Ethinic etc).

Restrictions Seats at Emergency Exits must be occupied by able-bodied adults. Adults accompanied by children under 12 years or a service animal, passengers using a portable POC-Passenger Oxygen Concentrator, passengers with reduced physical, visual or auditing capabilities, persons over 2 metres tall or overweight and pregnant women are not permitted to occupy an Emergency Exit row. Similar restrictions apply to those seated in the first row of the cabin ; if in doubt please contact our Call Center or on the dedicated number +39 0789 52609, option 1.

Refunds Advance Seat Selection fees are non-refundable except in situations where the chosen seat is not available or for safety reasons the Purser must re-seat you.

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Checked bag iconChecked baggage

The sections below summarize checked baggage conditions, by flight type and fare type. These terms apply to all flights operated by Air Italy, except for those listed as operated by other carriers who will apply their own terms and conditions.

Baggage, dimensions and weight
Baggage icon
Dimensions and weight

Weight (standard):
Each baggage that you check will have a maximum weight of 23 kg. If the baggage exceeds 23 kg and weighs up to a maximum of 32 kg an excess baggage charge will apply.

Dimension (standard):
The total height + length + width of each baggage must not exceed 158 cm, including strap, pocket and wheels.

Baggage tag:
All baggage pieces must be labelled with the passenger's name and address.

Info icon Following numerous complaints of damage received in respect of luggage in polycarbonate and ABS plastic, demonstrating the fragility of the same total, Air Italy is therefore compelled to accept this type of luggage in the hold without assuming the responsibility for damage in transit may be subject, however, remains the full responsibility for the late delivery, loss and theft.

Baggage policy - Flights from/to CANADA
Class Baggage included in the fare Additional baggages

No bag icon
No baggage included
  • 1st additional baggages - 50€/60C$
  • 2nd additional baggages - 80€/100C$
  • 3rd additional baggages - 150€/200C$

Prices mean per baggage, per adult/child passenger.

Infant baggage
1 free baggage, max 10 kg.


Included bag icon
1 baggage

max 23 Kg
  • 2nd additional baggages - 80€/100C$
  • 3rd additional baggages - 150€/200C$

Prices mean per baggage, per adult/child passenger.

Infant baggage
1 free baggage, max 10 kg.


Included bag icon
1 baggage

max 32 Kg

1st Included bag icon2nd included bag icon
2 baggages

max 23 Kg each
  • 3rd additional baggages or others 150€/200C$

Prices mean per baggage, per adult/child passenger.

Infant baggage
1 free baggage, max 10 kg.


1st Included bag icon2nd included bag icon
2 baggages

max 32 Kg each

1st Included bag icon2nd included bag icon
2 baggages

max 32 Kg each
  • 3rd additional baggages or others - 150€/200C$

Prices mean per baggage, per adult/child passenger.

Infant baggage
1 free baggage, max 10 kg.



1st Included bag icon2nd included bag icon
2 baggages

max 32 Kg each

Kg which exceed this limit will be considered as excess baggage and, in this case, the normal kg rate will apply.

Payments for excess baggage or weight can be made via the Air Italy website or Call Center (recommended choices) before departure, at the terms and conditions indicated in the chart.

The purchase at the airport may be subject to additional costs payable to the ticket offices handler.

To purchase checked baggage or excess baggage, CLICK HERE

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For flights operated by a carrier other than Air Italy please check the relative terms and conditions available on the website of the Airline Company that operates the flight.

Special baggage iconSpecial baggage

there are restrictions and transportation costs for carrying baggage such as sport equipments, firearms and ammunitions, etc., . To consult special baggage transportation costs such as windsurf and sub equipment, animals in the hold and others, for Domestic, International and Intercontinental Flights, on each sales channel (web, call Centre, travel agencies or in the airport), click on the following link: Special baggage prices

To purchase special baggage allowance, CLICK HERE

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